10 Best Free Android apps for students

This is the era of technological development, it includes all type of technologies as software technology, mechanical technology etc. Software technology is establishing its position very rapidly. Laptops acquires the position of personal computers, smartphones replaces normal mobile phones. Smartphones shut the whole world in itself. And different applications makes it more useful. A smartphone not only helpful for students in entertaining themselves by providing the facility of gaming, internet facility and much more, it also helps students in their studies. Some significant application makes this task possible.

Free Android apps for students

Here is a appropriate list of Best Free Android apps for students. These apps does not consider any appropriate course, these are designed for all type of courses.

10 Best Free Android apps for students

Math Formulary : According to a plenty of students, math is considered as the most difficult subject among the other subject. Math Formulary is the best application for such type of students.


  • Easy to use for all kind of persons,
  • Not consider any appropriate course, colleage or university,
  • Include all general maths formulas such as arithmetic, trigonometry, geometry etc.

Morning Routine: Sleeping is one of the pleasant part of our daily routine and the getting out of bed in morning is one of the toughest task. This app is an alarm, but not a normal alarm it’s a unique software. The developer of this app propose that this app help students to make the wake up easy.


  • Ring until the student wakes up and scan the QR code, placed in another room. (QR code is easily available on the internet),
  • Unique software of this category can be a tough challenge.

WikiDroid for Wikipedia: Wikipedia is a name that has its own reputed identity in the internet world. It’s become the first choice of everyone to search about any information. WikiDroid is an Android app to use wikipedia on smartphones directly.


  • Formats the articles of Wikipedia in readable mode,
  • Voice search and live search make it more easy and comfortable to use.

Merriam Webster Dictionary: All the topics, books changes according to course, syllabus but some books are all time useful. One of thosi is a Dictionary. It’s a necessary book fnot only for a student it’s a book useful for everyone.Merriam Webmaster Dictionary is a perfect application to complete the need of a dictionary.


  • Includes all new words hence have a rich word database
  • Not only meanings but also include thesaurus,
  • Voice search feature make it a unique dictionary app,

GrubHub: Everyone needs something to eat to continue with the life. But sometimes students are busy with their work and they don’t have a single minute to visit any hotel and take their meal. Then, this app seems to be very useful due to some of its nice features.


  • Have the database of more than 25000 restaurants in 300 cities all around the world,
  • One can check the menu of foods, other customer reviews etc.

My Student Budget Planner: Only intelligence can’t help a student to achieve   success, there is a great need of wisdom in students. And this quality arises when  a student start to manage the spendings. My Student Budget Planner is a app that helps a student to plan for the spendings and reduce the unnecessary expenses.

Evernote: Everyone student has to make notes in a day. Evernote is an application to make quick notes. It’s one of the most preferable apps for making notes.


  • Students can make audio notes, record the lectures of professors,
  • Storing image option, makes the notes easier to understand,
  • Organize all notes in appropriate manner using notebooks and tags.

Facebook for Android: More than 70% of youngsters in the whole world connect with Facebook. The basically Facebook application is pre-installed in devices working on  Android. But unfortunately sometimes official app stop working, hence students need other app to use facebook.


  • The app include chat option and hence make it more useful,
  • Automatically update itself as the recent update available.

GDocs for Android: Making notes is an essential work for students in their daily routine. And it’s a hectic task to carry different notebooks for different subjects. Gdocs is a software that provides the opportunity to make the notes online.


  • Work can be accessed on any computer having internet connection,
  • Work save automatically after every few second,
  • Compatible with different formats such as PDF etc.


Loot: Loot is a very useful application for those students who want to note the records of their spendings, current bank balance notifications, recent transactions etc. But this app not automatically connect with bank account, student have to note all the informations manually.


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