10 Things to keep in mind while Searching for Job

Today no one can get a job on the basis of good marks. Multinational organizations are considering all qualities such as Good marks, amazing communication skills, dynamic personality and much more, so it becomes tough to get a job But some preparations can make the job search so easy and some of those are as follows:

1. Create a LinkedIn Account:

If someone is seeking for a job and he doesn’t have a LinkedIn account then he should make a new account on LinkedIn, and then invite friends to connect. LinkedIn allows the user to see friend’s informations. It provides an opportunity to check the friend’s connections and the firm they are working for. It also provides job list and a user can directly apply for this job from the LinkedIn account.

2. Use other Social Networking Sites Too:

It’s well known that LinkedIn is specially designed for business purposes such as job searching etc. But other social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and much more play important role in searching a job. As these sites help to reconnect with old friends and co-workers. It may help the user to find a job in his respective field.

3. Delete unnecessary items from the profile:

If your profile contains any problematic articles such as photos, videos or any other, then immediately delete such posts. Because if any employer search the profile and finds something questionable thing then it can cancel the possible chances of an interview. And add a professional email to the information because a personal e-mail address doesn’t look good on a resume or on an email.

4. Don’t Miss Job Fairs and Professional Conferences:

If a job seeker gets an opportunity to attend a job fair, a professional conference, business event or a get together, he should not miss such events. Such events provide a chance to establish contacts with business related personalities. Try to collect business cards of good businessman and make efforts to impress such personalities. It can help a person to get a job.

5. Make an appropriate resume:

Prepare an appropriate resume for the job including Objective, Qualification, Achievements, Strengths, Weaknesses, Work experience and personal information. For sending resume by e-mail, firstly convert the Microsoft word document file to PDF format. And if it is for  other events such as job fair, Professional events and other face-to-face meeting events, take the hard copy of resume, printed on fine quality of paper.

6. Do Proper Research About The Companies:

If someone seeking for a job has sent introductory e-mails to many companies, the first job is to do research about those companies, as all companies have their personal website including all significant information about that company. Try to learn more about the company, read their requirements, their objective, their products, their main dealers etc. This information helps the job seeker during interview.

7. Answer All The Questions Honestly:

If the interviewer Google you before the interviews, then he collects all information about you such as your past work experience, your address etc. Hence, try to be honest during the interview. If anyone lies during the interview then it’s easy for an interviewer to tell as they have the ability to judge anyone.

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