7 Ways to Save Money While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad  for any course provide an opportunity to practice amazing and life changing experience, usually it helps in exploring own capabilities  and learning about one’s strengths and weaknesses. Spending a long interval of time in a new country for study is the time to face another phase of life but it’s worth a huge amount invested. Some major factor for this are as: traveling cost, lodging expenses and exchange rates for currency change.

However, here are some appropriate ways to save money while studying abroad such as:

1. Reduce unnecessary expenditure

Study abroad is always a dream of most of the students. In the starting days, due to excitement students usually spend more on buying unnecessary things. However, analyze the pocket and make budget of spending expenses on requiring articles and try to save money by reducing unwanted outlay.

2. Prefer home stay than renting lodges:

The student should prefer to adjust themselves with host families or live as a paying guest instead of spending huge amount of expenses on dormitories and rented lodges. It’s not only cheaper deal but also provide a chance to link up with local residents.

3. Enjoy the cooking:

Students should prefer to cook their own food instead of spending a plenty of money at restaurants. Cooking food is not just a way to save money but also a way to get hygienic and nutritious food. Try to save leftovers in case of enough food as it saves one from cooking another meal and ultimately save the money.

4. Establish Local contacts:

Make efforts to set up good relationships with local people and try to establish a friendship with local provincials. It’ll be useful in searching cheap and best restaurants, accommodation at reasonable rates, finding any local address and in many more cases.

5. Use internet for International calls:

Students need to make long interval phone calls to home, should use online website proposing audio as well as video calling facilities such as: Skype, Gmail, yahoo etc. Undoubtedly, it helps in reducing the international call bills and hence helps in saving money.

6. Inexpensive mode of transit:

Prefer walking to reach considerably near destinations. Usage of public transport like trams and buses is better option instead of cabs or private taxi, as these are generally expensive.

7. Search Part-time jobs:

Many countries offer a chance to earn money during studying abroad. Manage some time for a part time job, it seems to be very useful in earning money as well as in making self dependent.

Many of the above described tricks seem small, but these could be very helpful during study abroad in saving money and in earning money as well.


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