15 Life Preparation Classes Every High School should Include

Every high school try to provide good education as much as it can, but unfortunately only good education can’t help a student to build a bright future hence students need to know some life preparation facts. So every school should commence some full year extra classes specially based on ‘life preparation’ mainly for the students of 11th and 12th standard. There is no limit of such type factors, but here are some significant from them written below as how to:

  • search perfect college, and how to apply for it.
  • prepare a respective resume for particular jobs and establish contacts and links for reference.
  • apply for a job and how to get prepare for Group Discussions, Personal Interviews.
  • open a bank account and what are requiring formalities (Identity proof, Address proof etc) to open a back account. And how to submit and debit money from the account.
  • maintain the satisfactory balance in bank account and how to save more.
  • take out a loan, and pay it back within given interval of time.
  • start investing for future from the starting period of the work.
  • purchase expensive things such as a home or a vehicle.
  • choose appropriate insurance policy (for own and family) to get, and how to select dentists and doctors for family.
  • remain up-to-date regarding important matters such as political, economical, sports etc.
  • use general tools such as a hammer, a screwdriver etc.
  • do schedule maintenance to electric appliances and vehicles such as oiling, greasing, checking/changing a battery etc.
  • buy useful and decorating goods for home/apartment.
  • pay the taxes, and how to maintain tax files.
  • sew a button of shirt or pants, and how to dress up properly.
  • cook normal food stuff such as omelet, toast, tea etc.

Some people consider these facts as the parent’s responsibility to teach their wards but sometimes it’s not possible for all parents teach all these. Because all student’s parents are not educated and most of the time kids won’t listen carefully. So it should be the responsibility of high schools to teach these tips. These factors not only help in securing good grades in the exam but also helpful for the whole life.

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