5 Tips to Reinvigorate Your Dorm Room

Each year thousands of young people embark on the journey of a lifetime when they head off for college. And with at least a dozen colleges to choose from, Miami, Florida seems to be a favorite for fotolia_4936572_XSfresh undergrads. Whether you attend Miami University, Miami-Dade College, or Florida International University it’s important to think about what to do with your dorm room while you’re living at school.

Discovering Style

Decorating protégé Nate Berkus recommends on Oprah.com that you find “your style.” Berkus states, “Determine what colors you like and what inspires you.” You can go upscale with French country, or you can go Greek if you’re in a Miami school fraternity or sorority. If you want to get a better idea of your personal design style, check out Sproost.com and take their quiz where you can rate pictures to help you know what kind of style you might like for your dorm space.

Current Trends

You can bring your bean bag chair and parents’ 8-track tape player, but chances are you will want to find what’s hot now and decorate your room with current Miami college trends. Interiordec.about.com gives a number of tips for finding the latest trends that match your tastes, and student budget.

Hot products- items which are decorative and functional.

  • Pop-up cubes with Miami school logos.
  • Folding laundry holders.
  • Electrical massaging chair.

Unique materials- chrome, brushed steel and even translucent plastics can add style to lamps, bookshelves, or desk organizers.

Patterns-stylish patterns are in!

  • Color-black solids.
  • Retro-circle prints.
  • Colorful strips or traditional plaids.

Saving Space

Space is important in a dorm room or small college apartment, so you may want to consider a storage unit. If you are attending a school in Miami you can rent an Uncle Bob’s storage space even if you’re on a student-sized budget to save space in your room. Then, when you’re back home on break, you can store everything for a few months until you return. A storage unit for $60 per month is much more affordable than paying apartment rent just for your stuff.

Finding Functionality

Functionality goes along with the idea of saving space, while being able to have all the comforts you want. A suggestion HGTV.com shares is to “rearrange your furniture to find the best layout.” Some fun, but functional items might include:

·  “Conceal” book shelves.

·  “Little Black Dress” hanging jewelry organizer.

·  Mirrored wall décor.

·  Bed raisers.

·  Slim 3-tiered storage carts.

·  Stacking cubes.

·  Rolling under-bed cart.

Home Away from Home

Another poignant tip Berkus gives is to bring items from home. Apartmenttherapy.com reminds that you want to “DIY with restraint and purpose.” Some ways to incorporate home in a purposeful manner may include bringing your favorite desk lamp or a throw blanket for the bed. Some other ideas:

·  Favorite poster or pictures.

·  Small collection to go on a single shelf.

·  Chair, other small piece of furniture.

Heading to college in Miami will be full of new adventures for sure. So make sure you have a dorm room that’s comfortable and fun, and just for you to enjoy whenever.

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