Effects of Cyber Bullying on the life of children

Cyber bullying is sometime an enjoying thing for many persons, but most of the time it has negative outcomes. The effects of cyber bullying may be a short-term problem but it can be extended to become a long lasting problem and it can impose a dreadful effect on the target and bully as well.

Effects of Cyber Bullying

 Outcomes of Online Bullying

This is the era of internet and social networking sites. And a round of 70% of youngsters is using such site. It should be the responsibility of parents to check the amount of time their ward is spending in front of the computer as well as on the internet. Try to watch each step of their wards and if parents feel anything abnormal, don’t ignore such things and try to inspect the problem because small problems can give birth to a big one.

Consequences of online bullying may appear small but such type of outcomes can expand to a dreadful result and influence both the present and the future of the child so parents need to check their steps continues and repeatedly.

Here are some most significant effects of cyber bullying on a child.

1.Victim of Depression:

 The online bullied child can be a victim of depression, which can be very terrible for the child and the parents as well. Because a depressed child starts to ignore the people, even parents.

2. Loss of self- confidence:

A child being bullied starts to lose self-confidence. The factors that cause bullying of a child try to make the child hopeless and unable to explore the strengths and weaknesses; hence it can push a child’s future to the river of failures.

3. Hard to sleep properly:

There is no limit of the outcomes of cyber bullying. It not only affect the child’s mind during online but also affect the normal aspects of daily life such as sleep. Such type of bullies and the depression caused by it make the restful and complete sleep very difficult for a child.

4. Anxiety:

The bullied child may be remaining tensed and worried about small and unnecessary things and sometimes without any reason. This anxiety affects the child mentally as well as physically such as headache etc.

5. Reduction of interest in school:

Sometimes. These children may avoid going to school and lack of sincerity and concentration in homework and other school activities are other indications.

If any parent finds any of this indication in their child, if their child is not behaving normally. Don’t ignore such situations and try to investigate the reason before it becomes a big problem.

Negative consequences of Cyber Bullying on Bullies

The effects of online bullying does not only produce the dreadful consequences for bullied children, but it also affects badly to the life of a bully. As mentioned earlier, parents should know what their children are doing because it also affect negatively to a child who bully others. Such as:

1. Difficult to get good friends:

Due to the daunting personality, it becomes very difficult for bullies to get good friends. And the relations may be established on fear are also very difficult to maintain.

2. Against the law:

Many countries are making laws against online bullying and the child is being arrested for such types of misconduct have to pay a huge amount of penalty, and it’s also possible to take very bad action against bullies for bullying others.

Hence, Effects of cyber bullying can be very devastating for children, such horrible Short-term or long-term consequences of cyber bullying can ruin the whole life of bullied as well as bullying child so it’s very necessary for parents to keep watch the steps of the child, if the child is in the wrong direction then it’s their responsibility to take them back to the right track.

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