Gain Travel Experience Without Losing Study Time

So you have always wanted to see the world, and now that you’ve graduated high school you are just raring to go backpack through Spain or spend a summer in Italy. On the other hand, the real world awaits, and the longer you wait to finish college and start your career the longer you either have to depend on your parents for rent or you have to take a job as an uneducated waitress or some other menial position. So what do you do? How do you remain a responsible adult taking the next logical step by going to college, and still get to fulfill your deepest desires to visit another country?

student travel

Why not study abroad?

Multi-Task Your Life

Multi-tasking is the most efficient means of accomplishing more than one goal at the same time. Why not apply this theory to your life choices and take care of both of your goals at once? You can still expand your horizons by immersing yourself in a different culture, see the sights in a new land and enjoy all the attractions of a foreign country, all while you are enrolled in college.  You do not have to limit yourself to only one course of action.

Many colleges and universities have student exchange programs with their counterparts in other countries. You can enroll in a study program anywhere in the world, and most often you can obtain college credits that are transferrable and will apply towards your chosen degree.

Explore Your New Surroundings

When you are enrolled in school on a different continent, you’ll find yourself much closer to many iconic landmark sights that you’ve always wanted to see but were too far away. Now you will have weekends for taking trips into the surrounding countryside, even nearby countries. You’ll also have academic breaks (like Spring Break) when you’ll have even more free time to explore your surroundings and discover the sights of your study country.

Many study programs will also have organized field trips to important educational destinations, further expanding your knowledge and your travel experience.

Go to the Head of the Class

Did you know that employers look at resumes of potential employees who have credentials from study abroad in a much more favorable light than those who have never left the country? A student who has studied abroad will have had the opportunity to take classes not offered in their home country, and have also gained the experience of a more global attitude.

Students who have studied abroad are seen as more self-motivated. They are also better prepared to work effectively in the new global commerce and communications environment. Not only will you have the skill set to fluently use a second language, you will also have demonstrated your ability to work independently, to strive for a higher level of success, and to ably negotiate another culture and environment. So consider that in addition to advancing your education while you get to see the world, you are also placing yourself in a position to be chosen for jobs ahead of someone else without the experience of study abroad.

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