How to clear NDA written Exam: Secret Revealed

National Defence Academy (NDA) is one the most prestigious army school in the world. If you are an Indian, your heart is filled with patriotism and you want to serve Indian forces then, you should opt NDA. The entrance exam for NDA is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and it’s followed by Staff Selection Board (SSB) interview. Most of the students consider it as a difficult examination but its not so! You have to hit the iron when it’s hotter and you will get the required result. Now we come to our topic: How to clear NDA written exam ?

First of all, you have to know about the structure of the exam. It is divided in two categories:

  1. Mathematics: The mathematics is of 300 marks and consists of full mathematics syllabus of 11th and 12th.
  1. General Ability Test: This part is of 600 marks and consists of English, science, social science, general awareness and other general fact.

How To Prepare:

From the total sum of 900 marks, it is necessary to get 500 marks to pass the exam. The merit list sets between 400-500 marks, depends on the difficulty level of the examination. For passing this examination, you have to carry out your preparation in a systematic manner.

Initially, create a list of categories with respect to their marks according to previous year examination.


Firstly, complete syllabus books of 11th and 12th and give special preference to NCERT mathematics book. After that you should learn the shortcut methods to solve general math problems which help you to save valuable time during examination.

Trigonometry, two dimensional structures, probability, integration and differentiation contains maximum marks and hence need maximum concentration and lots of practice. You have to solve minimum 500 questions of each topic for getting good marks. It is the most scoring part of the NDA exam; you can easily secure 200 marks in this part.

General Ability Test:

This part is further divided in two parts:

  1. English
  2. General Science


The part consists of 200 marks (50 question), and you can easily solve 35-40 question from this part. Your vocabulary should contain more than 2000 important words; it will help you to attempt synonyms and antonyms. The difficulty level of this part is not high. Regular revision of vocabulary and grammar rules leads to provide good result.

General Science:

It contains 400 marks from the total sum of 900 and it’s sub-divided into six sections as follows:

  1. Physics – 100 marks
  2. Chemistry – 60 marks
  3. General Science Facts – 40 marks
  4. Geography – 80 marks
  5. History – 80 marks
  6. Current affairs – 40 marks

Complete knowledge of physics and chemistry of 11th and 12th is more than sufficient for this exam. General Science Facts are usually contains some questions related to biology and other belongs to science in daily life.

In Geography section, most important topics are longitudes and latitudes, tropical forests, based on rivers, folk music and folk dances (related to states).

In History section, you have to learn all important facts after revolt of 1857 up to Independence Day (Aug 15, 1947). You can also find some questions related to Indian constitution in the exam.

For getting good marks in current affairs section, you have to maintain the habit of newspaper reading, reading online news blogs etc.

Undoubtedly, you will be selected as a NDA cadet if you follow the above mentioned facts honestly. All the very best for your exam!

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