How to get rid of Cyber Bullying: Expert Tips

Not so far we have discussed about Effects of Cyber Bullying on the life of children and finally decided to continue the thread with some solutions to get rid of such annoying situations.

Internet changes the complete structure of mankind; everything becomes easier, less complex, and easily approachable with this. But the second phase of the internet is dreadful, horrifying and very shameful. Cases of cyberbullying are increasing rapidly on regular bases. Some people are using the amazing features of the internet in a wrong way and demolishing the happiness and prestige of others. Sometimes such bullies are just for enjoyment purpose but most of the times it leads to give very terrifying and dangerous results. Such bullies not only affect the bullied person but also the whole family and friends of them.

The news of painful results of cyberbullying is becoming common. Cyberbullying is mainly of two types:
1. By Direct Attack:
In this, the person is bullied by any kind of direct messages or mails contain shameful matter regarding the bullied person.

2. By Proxy Hacking:
The personal information about the persons is getting hacked by hackers and uses them to bully. Such kind of cyberbullying is very dangerous and causes many suicides etc. So, how to get rid of cyber bullying? Continue to know…

To get rid of cyberbullying everyone should aware of unwanted activities with their email ID and accounts of social networking sites. Here are some significant ways to get rid of this:

Ignore Them:

Ignore all unnecessary emails asking for making account or entering personal information. Don’t do this at all! Avoid all unknown friend request in social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace etc), only add family members, relatives and friends. If you answer any emails of them, they inspect how to treat you and you can become the victim of cyberbullying. Don’t enter personal information (photos, family members, address etc) in any untrusted website and leave such pages that ask for information before accessing. Ignoring is the best and most appropriate way to remain protected from cyberbullying.

Contact Service Providing Website:

If ignoring is not enough and someone is irritating you continuously on any social networking website or other, contact the service providing website. Most of the time, such activities are against their security and privacy rules. And if anyone is using account with your name, photo and other info, then request the service provider to delete such accounts.

Change Email Address:

Changing email address in another good way to remain protected from the grip of cyberbullying. But don’t provide the new email address to any unknown person.

Report Unwanted Activities:

If you receive any intimidating email from unknown persons, then not only report the moderator of the website but also inform the police about the matter. It must be helpful for you.

Share your problem:

Most of the time, children conceal these problems from their parents and friends due to guilt and shame. But it’s not the right way! To share such problems with your loved ones; they’ll help you at their level.

Parents should keep an eye on the activities of their children on the internet and stop them if they are doing anything wrong.

Hackers and people who bully others should know that it’s a crime and they have to pay a huge amount of money as a penalty or it’s also possible to get dreadful punishment for cyberbullying.

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