How To Handle A Lost Passport while Studying Abroad

Definitely no one wants to face a situation like that but one should know that how to tackle while you are in such conditions. This could happen to anyone, your password could be stolen or would have been lost and If you are in that  country on a study basis then that becomes a problem for you and your parents who are thousand miles away from you. So, it is important to pay more attention when you are in a foreign land but don’t get frustrated if you stuck in such situations. Stay calm and yes, go through the tips we are discussing here, how to handle a lost passport while studying abroad.

In addition, don’t forget to take maximum numbers of xerox copies of your passport.

Immediately Report to the police

Head to the nearest police station without wasting a single minute and report the lost or stolen passport. They may ask for the date of issuance or the passport number. If you have lost it at the airport then contact the airlines first, if they meet unable to find it, custom personals will contact with your country embassy.

Contact your embassy

They have already arrangements for such situation and your obviously not the first one to lose a passport. So, contact with your embassy whether you discover you have lost your passport. They are the only people who can help you to get a duplicate copy.

After you have reported to the police, you must take a stand copy to the embassy. This is a kind of proof that you have genuinely lost your passport.

Get ready for the application of the duplicate passport

It is not a big deal to apply for a duplicate copy in your own country but it is better to get ready for such mishaps in abroad.

Once you have made the police report, you have to go to the nearest passport office. You can hire agents for the job, they will charge you a certain money or you can go directly to the passport office.

Note: You should have a stamped copy of the police report, your identification proof, xerox copy of your passport and your photographs.

Stay in touch with the issuing office

Renewal process could be time consuming. Many countries are on the way of digitization and the process takes more than a month sometimes. But, stay in touch with the office until you have received a fresh passport copy. It is better to not take anything for granted, sometimes agents make it more complicated for money. Always stay updated and keep on visiting the local authorities.

Stay in touch with the police

You can’t validate your application for a new passport without the police report. This is an official request to investigate the loss. Keep in touch with the police. If you are lucky then you may find it in a single day but don’t be nervous if you don’t. Stay calm and make decisions carefully whether you are hiring a cab or an agent. Don’t take anything for granted and stay safe!

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