How to Motivate Students

The teacher should have the ability the mold the clay of lives of students in best shapes. Parents and other elders are also act as teachers in the life of student. According to reports of National Institute for Literacy, low literacy is the most common factor among all criminals.

How to Motivate Students

A teacher is the only person who is capable to change a student to a brilliant student. The teacher should respect this prestigious profession and try their best to motivate students towards the moral values, studies and other curricular activities. But the main question arises is ‘How to motivate students’. A proper motivation can strengthen the self confidence and morale of the student, and these are the necessary things to achieve the goals.

After a long research on the mental level and mental activities during the student life, experts find out some significant ways to motivate students. Some of them are mentioned as follow:

1. Establish A Good Relationship With Students

The best answer to the question ‘How to motivate students’ is to establish a relationship with them. Children feel more comfortable with those who are truly connected to them.

  • Respect their greetings every morning by giving a good reply.
  • Discuss about their problems, not only related to studies but also related to their lives.
  • Motivate them towards their field of interest.
  • Try to give importance to their activities in the class and show your interest in them.
  • Motivate them when they look upset or demoralized.

2. Admire Their Activities

Expert reports say, ‘More than 85% of class activities of students remain unrecognizable’. Spend some time to pay attention to their class activities and show some interest towards them.

  • Praise their activities and encourage them to do better. Even admire their little achievements.
  • Not only the intelligent ones but show interest towards each and every student of the class.
  • It’s necessary to remain specific with compliments. “You have done well but you are capable to do better” is better than saying “You have done extraordinary job”.
  • Inspect their field of interest and encourage them towards that.

3. Help Them To Examine Their Goals

Undoubtedly, those who know their goal will achieve that faster than that one who hasn’t set his goal yet.

  • Spend some time with each student and inspect their thoughts, then help them to set a perfect goal.
  • ‘Arise awake, stop not, till the goal is achieved’ is very helpful quote to motivate the students toward their goals.
  • Tell them the ways to inspect whether they are running on the right path or not.
  • Guide them when they need your guidance through out the journey towards the goal.

4. Arrange Games And Trips For Class

Games are the most capable things to provide pleasure. In the same way, traveling new places can provide calmness to the mind.

  • Arrange various class games to maintain the interest in studies. GameDivide the total number of students in two equal parts. Ask the questions related to the given topics and general awareness. Give one mark for a correct answer and deduct 0.25 marks on every wrong answer. Give award to the winning team.
  • Plan a trip to any educational site, one time in a month. It’ll refresh their mind and increase their interest towards studies.

5. Motivate With Your Own Ways

Everyone have their own way of talking, way of explaining and hence way of motivating.

  • Don’t behave strictly with students every time and establish a humorous nature inside yourself.
  • Give interesting examples as per interest.
  • Get connected with your students with social networking websites.
  • Motivational quotes and inspirational quotes for students are the other important ways to encourage students.
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