Mistakes students make while studying abroad

Most of the students take dream about getting higher education from a foreign university. But students should prepare their self for unwanted and difficult situations before leaving for studying abroad. Students who are going abroad for taking higher education should remember that they have to live alone while studying abroad. But all knows that studying abroad provide a chance to explore the knowledge about that country they are visiting and explore the knowledge about new culture and tradition. This experience also increases the self-confidence in students and adds a bright point to their resume. But generally students make some mistakes which make their stay difficult in a foreign country. So student should try to avoid following mistakes to make their study abroad trip easy and comfortable.

1. Spend too much money and time on making international calls:

After coming abroad students spend a lot of money and time on making international calls to their home, relatives etc. Students should prefer online calls sites such as Skype, Gmail etc instead of mobile phone for international calls. And they should not spend so much time on talking to their home. If they feel alone try to make new friends in a new country or consult the college consular to reduce stress and always try to become comfortable with the new environment.

2. Not make an effort to adjust in new surroundings:

Most of the students feel it very tough to adjust to the new environment and avoid giving time to make their self comfortable and feel alone. Instead of feeling alone students should make efforts to manage with new traditions and culture. It also provides an opportunity for students to explore their knowledge. So students should establish new contacts while studying abroad, it will helpful for their future.

3. Spend a lot of money on travelling:

During studying abroad, students think it mandatory to visit all places of the country, but travelling is an expensive deal while studying abroad. It’s not only money consuming task but also time consuming task. Students should not spend so much money and time on such unnecessary things and try to manage their budget.

4. Visit unnecessary and unsafe areas:

All foreign countries may have some unsafe areas mainly for visitors. Students should avoid those areas to visit. As personal security and safety is the chief priority while studying abroad because there is no one to take care of them at the time of difficulty. It’s one of the most significant points to stay safe while studying abroad.

5. Not give proper time to study:

While studying abroad, most of students forget to give proper concentration to study and spend more time in enjoying. Students should know that their main purpose to come abroad is getting a good education. And students should keep in mind that their marks should be more than GPA of their own country. The main consideration of students is good education while studying abroad.

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