Organization: The Foundation to Student Success

Whether you’re taking a fashion design course in Paris or a cultural studies course in Spain, one thing that remains important about being successful in college is organization. You see, organization is the very glue that keeps everyone’s life in order. While we may not realize it, we all practice being organized on a regular basis.  Whether it’s keeping the dorm rooms tidy or waking up at a certain time each day, we all thrive in some way on being organized.

An Organized Student = A Successful Student

Imagine life without organization? Could you imagine not being able to find the assignment you desperately need to hand in? Or forgetting about an important lecture from your professor? Chances are the ability to succeed in your studies would be slim to none. Your future, your success in school and your overall well being can greatly benefit from being organized in some way.


Organization is the Foundation to Being Successful

A student studying at home or abroad requires a few key characteristics to be successful in their studies. Some of those characteristics include being goal oriented, managing time effectively, and the determination to complete their studies. Believe it or not, being organized can help enhance all of these qualities within a student.

  • Goal Oriented – in order to set goals you must be organized. Goals must be carefully thought out and then executed in a concise manner in order to be accomplished. For example, if you wish to get an A on your next exam you must organize your goals in order of importance. First you will need to learn the text taught to you, then you will need to employ good studying habits, and finally you’ll need to take your time on the exam. Organizing these tasks makes it much easier to accomplish your goals.
  • Time Management – managing time is a huge part of being successful in school. Without effectively managing your time, you run the risk of falling behind in your studies; overbook yourself, and you risk missing out on important deadlines. Organizing your time with the help of tools such as eplanner apps and other BYOD tools can really make a huge difference in your ability to manage time. The student agenda from Meridian Planners allows you to see when assignments are due when, what responsibilities you have both in and out of school, and how to better prioritize your day.
  • Determination – You might be wondering how in the world being organized helps with determination but it does. A person who is able to effectively manage time and evaluate their goals is more confident in finishing their studies than someone who has no real organization in their life.

Organization goes a long way not only in your college education but throughout life in general. Whether you’re studying online, in a brick in mortar nearby or traveling abroad and obtaining an education, being organized is the foundation to succeeding. While it can sometimes be fun to let loose and be free in life, when it comes down to achieving something of value, being organized is front and center.


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