Scholarship programs for studying abroad

Most of the students want to enjoy the benefit of study abroad programs but due to different problems this dream remains dream for many students. The main problem behind this is surely related to money. Studying abroad is very expensive task for many students so they leave this dream. But they don’t know their study abroad trip can become cheaper under different scholarship programs and their dream can be change into reality.

The study abroad scholarship programs include all type of expenses such as traveling cost, course fee, lodging cost etc. Students must try to get such scholarships. Some scholarships are compaction based but some are underutilized. Here is the list of five different study abroad scholarship programs for students.

1. Merit Based Programs:

Merit based scholarship programs consider academic grades, artistic abilities and other achievements. It means student’s extra-curricular activities are also considerable with the marks. Some institutions conduct tests for such programs. So such type of programs is for those students who can prove them best among others.

2. Student Based Programs:

Many institutions provide student based scholarship programs for foreign students. This type of programs considers various qualities of student such as gender, religion, family etc. Scholarships for minority students are one of the best examples of such programs. But qualifications vary with different scholarship programs.

3. Destination Based Programs:

Destination based scholarship programs are conducted by colleges and universities of many countries for the students of particular countries. For Example Indonesia conduct such type of programs for the students of developing countries. Students should check the government sponsored abroad study website to check about that country which is offering scholarship programs for his country.

4. Subject Based Programs:

Subject based scholarship programs are conducted under study abroad program by different institutions on appropriate subjects. Students should enroll their name for that appropriate subject to enjoy the benefit of scholarship. Different Institutions consider different subjects for scholarship programs. All scholarship programs also consider qualification in the field of that subject, grades of that subject etc.

5. Under study abroad program:

Many countries provide scholarships under different study abroad programs. Some study abroad programs consider course or personal and academic achievements for scholarship. So students should inspect about such programs before choosing destination to study abroad.

Hence these different types of scholarship programs have the ability to change the different student’s dream into reality. Such type of programs can change life of students. So any students who want to get higher education in another country should research about the scholarships that country is offering which he/she opt for study overseas.

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