Top 6 Most Popular and Preferred Programming Languages

IT (information technology) sector is strengthening its position in the market in a rapid rate. Students are opting IT trade for their engineering degree, but it’s not enough to become a successful software engineer. It’s necessary and essential for a software engineer to have proper and complete knowledge about programming languages.

Knowledge of Programming languages is necessary to develop any software or to modify any developed software or application. The programmer should develop the software considering the need and requirement of market.

It’s not necessary that the favorite language of the programmer can satisfy the need and requirements of the clients. Hence, it’s the major task to select an appropriate programming language to learn.

Here is a list of programming languages which can help you to get a job or strengthen your position in the work field.

C Programming Language

C programming language is becoming popular rapidly. Initially, it was developed as the programming language for UNIX (Operating system), but it can be used in any other operating system. Some facts about C programming language are as follows:

  • It was on the top rank according to the index of 2012 of TIOBE Programming Community.
  • It’s better than Java in case of speed, and hence it’s a fast programming language.
  • System drivers (VGA, Audio, and LAN etc), device software etc are produced with the help of C Programming Language.

Java Programming Language

Java programming language is on the top if we talk about best programming languages. According to previous records, it’s the most preferable programming language by programmer as well as by clients. Java Virtual Machine is mainly responsible for the popularity of Java; it helps to run java application on any other OS (operating system).
Main properties of Java are as follows:

  • Java secures the second position on the index of TIOBE Programming community.
  • The operating system “ANDROID” is developed with Java Programming Language.
  • Many Universities are adopting this programming language in the syllabus of computer science.
  • WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) property is one of the main reasons to prefer this programming language.

Objective-C Programming Language

Objective-C is the extraordinary Programming Language; it’s one of the best programming languages if you want to establish your future as a successful programmer. The requirement of Objective-C programmer is increasing regularly. Some significant facts about Objective-C are as follows:

  • It’s on the third position according to the index (2012) of TIOBE Programming Community.
  • Mac Operating system, iOS (iPhone, iPad etc) needs the programmer having the proper knowledge of Objective-C.
  • It developed under the same concept of other C Programming Languages.

C++ Programming Language

C++ Programming Language is developed to overcome the negative points of C Language. It’s more compatible with other operating systems in comparison of C language. Some facts about C++ programming language are as follows:

  • It provides same working speed as that of C language.
  • It’s on the 4th position according to the index (2012) of TIOBE Programming Community.
  • Many games, business applications, device software developed with C++ Programming Language.

PHP Programming Language

PHP is the most popular programming language related to web. All the editing and modification on web applications are usually done with the help of PHP Programming language. Some remarkable facts about PHP Programming language are as follows:

  • It’s ranked as fifth most useful, featured and popular programming language according to index (2012) of TIOBE Programming Community.
  • With the rapid growth of the use of Internet, PHP is also increasing its popularity.
  • It’s a scripting language, especially developed for modifying the web pages.

C# Programming Language

C# (C Sharp) is an outstanding, easy-to-use, highly featured, astounding and essential programming language. It’s compatible with any kind of window based systems. It’s easy to learn this language for a Java programmer. Some facts of this language are as follows:

  • It’s considered as the most compatible programming languages in window based systems.
  • All cell phones with Window 7 are developed with C#.
  • It’s on the sixth position according to the index (2012) of TIOBE Programming Community.
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