10 Important Interview Questions And Answers

What is your dream job?

Instead of mentioning various fields, try to focus on the field for which you are interviewing. Some answers are also very effective such as “ The job that provides a path for bright future prospect, the job that respects your creativity and help you to overcome your weaknesses.”

What are your strengths?

Main thing should be kept in mind is to focus on that strength for which the company is looking for, Don’t mention a long list of your strengths. Your strengths should be more creative, logical and beneficial for the company. Ready with an effective example with each of the strength you have mentioned.

How would hiring you benefit our company?

Try to connect the answer of this question with your strengths, describe how your strengths are beneficial for the company. Explain the specific courses you have learnt which are basically related to the that post for which you are there. Explain how your seriousness and honesty in the work can help their company.

Who is your role model?

Most of the persons mention their parents (mother or father) name for the emotional touch. According to experts, mention this answer, if it’s completely true. Investigate required information for that name which you have mentioned as your role model. Prepare with a strong and effective answer for the question ‘why he/she is your role model?’

What are your plans after graduation?

This is a very common question asked at various interviews . For internship interviews the answer should be in the favor of the company’s benefit. You should mention that you want to work with their esteemed company for the future. And for entry level interviews, you can say that you want to commence your professional career from that company.

Tell me in one minute or less why I should hire you.
The answer of this question should be short and effective. Tell them how you are preparing yourself for this particular job. And how you are trying to build that quality which are necessary for that job. Your leadership quality and presence of mind is good for the company.

Describe a time when you had to be a leader.
When was a time that you felt that your
Give me a specific example of a time when you used good judgment.

The perfect answer to this question can reserve your seat in the list of selected candidates. Before an interview, create some short stories of less than one minute. The stories should be in the format like situation, your role, the result of the task. But the main thing is to provide a real touch to these stories. Such stories help to show your experience to overcome difficult situations.

What are your weaknesses?
The answer of this question may have both positive and negative effects on the mind of the interviewer. First mention your weakness and then cover it with the point that you are working for the improvement of this weakness with regular progress.

Why do you want to work in this field?
It provides a bright opportunity to explore your knowledge about that particular field. Explain how your strengths are related to that field and make you a preferable candidate for their company. You can mention that you want to establish a personal identity in that field.

How would your best friend describe you?
At first, focus on the points that are necessary for the job such as good listeners, hard working, leadership qualities, punctual and honest for friendship and work as well. And then mention other qualities of non-professional side such as art and craft, singing, dancing, athletics etc. It increases the chances of your selection.

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