5 Things You Should Know Before Applying to College

Listen to everyone but Do what you love

This may disappoint some parents but this should be your children’s decision to select the best college for them. Peoples will keep you suggesting about the right college for you, but it’s who will be attending the college for the next four years. So, if you don’t love the college you should not go there.

If you love any college then good, you have won the half battle, your parents may not like your decision but don’t worry, they will respect your choice slowly. But don’t make a decision in a hurry and don’t avoid your parents without looking into what they are suggesting. Take your time, you have a few months to go.

Respect the involvement of your Parents

Going to college is not only a matter of excitement for you but also for your parents. They may interfere in the application process. It may annoy you sometimes but remember, they are just trying to help you. Don’t underestimate them and try not to avoid them. If you have anything to discuss then share it, ask for opinions and respect their involvements.

Your dream school is not the only school

Your best friend got a chance to the school you were dreaming of, how did this happen to you? Why you?

Oh, come-on, let it go. That was not the only school in this world. Take a deep breath and come up with a new dream, a new plan. Choose a new school and try for it. You may find it better than your dream school. Remember, be patient.

Apply in safety schools to be safe

So, you are very much sure for your acceptance. If you are then very good but we suggest you not to take anything for granted. It is better to apply to any safety school in which you are more than sure of your acceptance. If you don’t get a chance in those top schools that doesn’t mean you are not going to be a graduate. So, apply 2-3 safety schools just to be safe.

The application process can affect your friendship

That really hurts when your friend gets a chance into the school you were dying to get in or the fee is not affordable for your friend. These or similar situations puts a strain of relations and friendships. You may have to lose your friendship to get into your dream school or vice-versa. So, it is better to clear all these things with your friend to avoid such misunderstandings.

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