5 Useful Lifehacks for Students

Perfect way to remember the homework:

It’s very important to remember the homework for a student. Students use various ways to remember the homework such as write in school diary, calling other friends etc. Here, we are presenting a very useful way to remember the homework.

1. Initially, start a Facebook group with the name of your class, and only your classmates.
2. Regularly post the homework on all subjects. Keep posting for a few days.
3. Allow every friend to look and comment on your posts.
4. Stop posting so often, after the group become so much popular.
5. You’ll see how other members also start to post homework on this group..

Create a group to exercise:

It’s a well known quote “ health is important than wealth”. And for good health, it’s most important to do regular exercise. Exercise in groups is more helpful for regular practice.

1. Make a group of the persons having the same fitness as yours.
2. Start to jog together in the morning.
3. Make a list of respective exercises for respective days, and do all exercise together.
4. Make a habit to eat some food stuffs after exercising.

Manage your study table regularly:

As we all know that cleanliness helps to increase the concentration of mind. For students, it’s necessary to manage all the articles of the table.

1. At first, empty the desk by placing all the articles on some other place.
2. Manage them according to different categories such as pens and pencils, files, books, notebooks etc.
3. Clean the top of the table with hot water and a cloth.
4. Place all the items on the table in a well arranged manner.
5. Remove all the unnecessary items and increase some space on the table.

Always be on time:

Punctuality is the key to success especially for students. Appropriate work on appropriate time is necessary and helpful too.

1. Place a clock in that place which you use normally.
2. Set an alarm which reminds you after a long use of computers.
3. Wearing hand watch is also very helpful.
4. Download reminder app on your mobile phones.
5. Avoid to work before or after your favorite TV serial because hasty work is not always perfect.

Take proper food:

Food is one of the most essential things in our life. It’s necessary for students to be energetic all the time. Proper food is the only way to remain energized.

1. Bring some energy bars in your bag all the time.
2. Drink as much as water in a day, it keeps your mind calm.
3. Avoid eating junk foods,oily foods, meat etc regularly.
4. Don’t be a glutton, eat in well manner.

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