7 Majors with 100% Employment Rates

Here is our list of Majors with 100% Employment rate. Please let us know if this helped you in choosing a right path of your career. Best of Luck for your career.

1. Computer Engineering 

Are you a tech savvy? Do you set up computer in a matter of time? Do your friends call you a geek? Then computer engineering could be a right choice for you. There is always a need  for professionals who can create something new, something better and something more considerable. A computer professional with a good experience makes a good money according to the Forbes magazine. There are more than 300 colleges who offer undergraduate programs in the US.

 2. Pharmacology 
You can’t become a pharmacist with a bachelor degree. It needs too much of hard work to become a pharmacist. But, all the hard works payoff, there is a 100% placement for pharmacology students. Even they start to earn earlier than other field’s professionals. If you have a strong math, a passion for medical science then it is not difficult for you. According to a foreign magazine pharmacology is one of the paths to quickly earn one million.

3. Economics 

If you want to go for this then you should know that it is a very difficult stream. It may have scared you some time but economists should have an ability to come over difficult situations. It is one of the highest earning path for women.

4. School Student Counseling 
Where students are confused about their career in a troubled economy, School student counselors are making good money, there is a 100% employment rate for this. If you love to guide the students towards the correct path then it might be a good major for you.

5. Mechanical Engineering 
This is a tough life and it may look surprising that only 10% girls choose to become a mechanical engineer. The employment rate is 95% for this career field and an average salary is $80000 annually. Make a friendship with math.

6. Civil Engineering 
Making solutions for a society, designing earthquake proof models, Long bridges and tallest buildings, Isn’t it sounds cool? But, there is one more plus point to be a civil engineer. You earn approximately $62000 annually. And you can get this without even a graduate degree, 65 % of civil engineers gets their job after the bachelor degree. If you have an ability to design better like never done before then this could be a career field for you.

7. Marketing 
This probably the best career field for women. A marketer makes an average of $58000 annually. The choice to become a marketer is taking grip quickly in the country. It is no more a job behind the desk now, you have to take care of public relations, brand advertising and management. This field may appreciate your unique ideas. Choose this field if you love to speak and you are good in making relations if you know how to promote anything in the market.

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