7 Things to Avoid on Your First Week of the College

As we know “ First impression is the last impression”. So the first week of your college may decide your reputation. Some unnecessary things can brings hurdle and obstacles in your college life. Try to avoid the following mentioned below:

Try not to intimate with multiple boys

College is the kingdom of boys. If you are thinking here is same innocent and immature boys around you like school time, then it’s not true. In this sea, various kinds of sharks, whales and other fishes are all around you, so don’t try to catch all fishes. Try to make better understanding before intimating with any boy, because the victim of the first week remains the victim for the entire course period.

Make friends not groups

It is not a better idea to spare all of your time on few guys instead of spending to know as much as you can around you. The rule is simple, Explore, dream and discover. So, try to discover as much as you can.

Don’t be a Homebody

Difficulties and problems never inform before the attack. But don’t wish to hold mom’s or dad’s finger to cross such situations. Now, you are entering into the new world, the world of independence, the world of self-confidence, the world of self struggles through obstacles. Instead of being a homebody, try to meet different people and understand the reality of the world. Stand on your own foot and watch the world from a personal viewpoint.

Don’t make a list of Best Friends

Establishing nice relations with maximum persons is a good thing, but friends are always few. Friends are those who hold your hand in every difficulty, never leave you alone, provide you the best time of your life, so build such relations with some selected ones. As appropriate colors provide the graceful look to the painting so perfect friends makes the painting of life more beautiful!

Don’t be a Back Bitter

It always requires an interval of time to understand anyone. Some people start discussing about the good and worse qualities about the people they have just met, behind their backs. Such things always end with breaking of relations with good friends. Avoid it!

Don’t change for anyone

The college is known as the appropriate place to explore the personal qualities perfectly. But don’t rub everything from the book of your life to add new lines. Give preference to your principles before changing your ways. It’s right that everything needs renovation but try to convert your bad qualities to some good one. Don’t try to adopt anything drastically, take proper time and make yourself perfect! Go for it.

Avoid Hangovers

Excitement is the considerable reason for getting too much drunk during the college parties. Avoid crossing the limits! It places a permanent mark on your personality and dreadful for your health as well.

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