8 Best English Vocabulary Games to Improve your Skills

English vocabulary games: For better quality of English, one should have a strong vocabulary base. Strong vocabulary is also helpful for those students who are preparing for competitive examinations. Good command of vocabulary leads to have good communication skills. It’s considered as one of the most significant section of English language. It’s not only helpful to impress others but it also help to express your views to anyone and to analyze their views. Students can experience the benefit of good vocabulary in many purposes. Now you can improve your vocabulary by many interesting and funny ways.

English vocabulary games

English vocabulary games

English vocabulary games are ranked as the best one of those ways. Here is the collection of best vocabulary games which definitely improve your vocabulary and increase your knowledge.

English vocabulary games


Scrabble is a well-known and one of the most popular board game. With this app, you are able to play this game on your computer. Let’s check your vocabulary strength against your opponent. Undoubtedly, it’ll help you to improve your vocabulary knowledge.


Balderdash is a vocabulary related game of a unique category. You have to guess the appropriate meaning of the giver word to earn points. This app not only improves your vocabulary, but it also helps to learn their perfect meanings. It’s one of the most popular vocabulary games.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzle has been maintaining a good position among other vocabulary games for many years. No matter whether you are in home or standing in queue, you can play this game. After trying your best, it’s better to find the remaining answers from the dictionary. In this way, you’ll many new words.

Animated Spelling

 Animated Spelling is a education related application, it teaches you more than 700 useful words. Two categories have been given in this application; one for the beginners and other for higher age group. The application has two different programs. In first type, you have to match the word from the screen after hearing. And in another one, you have to spell the word after hearing.

Speaking Hangman

Speaking Hangman is awesome gaming application to improve English and Spanish vocabulary skills. The game is sub-divided in two levels: It provides 450 useful words to practice in first level and in second level the number increases to 1000 useful English words.

Word Search Game

The gaming software allows everyone to read and learn new words in very interesting way. In this game, the player can choose the level of difficulty and the game length according to himself. It also offers the chance to play it online. It must be helpful for the users.

English Word Reorganization Game

This game is especially developed for kids (less than 4-year-old). It increases the interest of kids in learning new English words such as animals, human body parts, vegetables, fruits, transportation, musical instruments and much more. It also provides the picture of the object and teaches the kid with audio effect.

Unscramble the Words

It’s one of the most popular vocabulary games. In this game, player has to guess the correct word from the given set of alphabets. Player can select the topic (animals, architecture, astronomy, electronics, chemistry, dance and much more), difficulty level and timer according to his capability. Currently, this game is providing more than 100 topics and 7,400 words.

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