Top Ranked Colleges in California

Everyone of us, after having seen friends’ or cousins’ Facebook pictures or, after hearing about people making big bucks overseas, has had a desire to travel abroad and explore the foreign lands. But, it’s always difficult to make a start. The best time to go overseas for some people can be for education. Year after year thousands of students from across the globe move to the US – the land of opportunities for higher education. One of the states to which students prefer to go to is California. Owing to its three-tiered system of public colleges (though reports suggest that the system has eroded over the years giving way to loss of affordability by students) it has been an attractive destination for higher education seekers. Despite the deficiencies, the state still has some great colleges to offer to students who come looking for higher education.

  1. Medicine: One of the best colleges for medicine not only in California but all across the globe can be found here in this state. Stanford University School of Medicine located in Silicon Valley, CA., between San Francisco and San Jose gives students detailed education in selected areas including clinical research and Bioengineering, in addition to the core science subjects. In addition to the degree in medicine, the school also offers master’s degree programs in human genetics and genetic counseling, biomedical informatics, and epidemiology and has state of the art facilities. The university campus includes dorm rooms, apartments, or cooperative housing and student can chose one of these based on their budgets and lifestyles.
  2. Engineering: Engineering courses see the maximum influx of students and, once again, Stanford stands out of the crowd. The best part of pursuing an engineering degree here is that you are right there in the Silicon Valley which offers a multitude of options for internships. The students here get to choose from a wide array of programs in 10 areas, which include areas like Materials Science and Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics. Engineering students with multi-disciplinary interests get to prove their mettle by enrolling in cross-school programs. Another college worth a mention would be UC-Berkley,a public university. Here, one can complete an advanced degree in eight areas which include Applied Science and Technology, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research. Also, one can opt for the accelerated course here which is completed in one year instead of two which is the usual length of a master’s program in engineering.Last and also a very important name is that of the California Institute of Technology. Not giving due respect to this institute while writing about best engineering schools in CA would be a sin! The reason it stands out of all other engineering colleges is the favorable student-faculty ratio which stands at 3:1 and a small class size. The institute is a member of the Association of American Universities which is the reason why nearly 74% of the students enrolling here get a scholarship.
  3. Architecture: Speaking about architecture, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, popularly known as Cal Poly, is rated amongst the top ten architecture colleges for undergraduates in the US. Started way back in 1901, it is one of the only two polytechnic campuses in the CA State University. The Architecture and Environmental Design program of the university is one of the largest in the US. It is the 4th best architectural program in the US while its landscaping program is ranked first in the West Region.
  4. Humanities: Moving onto the colleges for humanities, two names stand out. First (not necessarily in order) is the Pomona College.  It is one of the most competitive and best endowed colleges in the country and has earned itself a place in the top ten liberal arts colleges in the US. The USPs of the college includes a small class size averaging at 14 and student teacher ratio which is an impressive 8:1. Further, the college boasts a 4-Year Graduation Rate of 91%, which is one of the highest in the country, and a first year dropout rate as low as 1%. Being a member of the Claremont Colleges, students at Pomona get a chance to interact with other Claremont school students thereby allowing a wide exposure. The second private institution that deserves a mention here is the Claremont McKenna College, again a member of the Claremont colleges which allows students to attend classes in any one of the seven colleges those are members of the Claremont colleges.
  5. Besides these, the public university that catches one’s attention and has also been called one of the public ivies is the Univ. of CA-San Diego, also known as UCSD. The school’s strength lies in the sciences, social sciences and engineering. It enjoys a location advantage of being at a coastal location in La Jolla, CA, and along with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD is ranked one of the best for oceanography and biological sciences. The school’s six undergraduate residential colleges are modeled after Oxford and Cambridge, and each college has its own curricular focus. The most popular majors at the University include Biological sciences such as anatomy, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, and Chemistry, Communications Studies, Political Science, and Psychology.

But, that’s not all. CA has lots more to offer. With being the epicenter of the Silicon Valley, the capital of the world’s entertainment industry, and home to the most scenic beaches it’s not going to be all studies and no play for you. Its proximity to the Vegas coupled with a plethora of choices for vacation make it all the more attractive. So, Jack may not be all work now as there are enough reasons to play and enjoy at CA too.

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