How to Improve Concentration on Studies

Good result is directly proportional to the better concentration towards studies. Sometimes, the reading and cramming criteria don’t able to grad the topic in mind for a long time period. The major reason behind this factor is the ‘lack of proper concentration’ while reading the topic. The factor ‘concentration’ is not the matter of learning; it’s co-related with various factors.

How to Improve Concentration on Studies

How to Improve Concentration on Studies

Major factors along which the concentration varies are as follows:

  • Lack of interest towards the subject/ topic,
  • The difficulty level of the given material,
  • Unusual and unwanted surroundings,
  • Burdened with a lot of responsibilities,
  • Any pain/ disease,
  • Not having a proper goal,
  • Lack of inspiration/ motivation, etc.

These are the major factors which are mainly responsible for lack in concentration. Undoubtedly, it’s more interesting to read/ learn any material of personal choice and hence concentration towards that increases automatically. But what to do — when the course material is tough or boring and you have to do it. Then How to improve concentration on studies. One good solution of this problem is to improve concentration and prepare youself by choosing an appropriate time to study.

Previous failures also affect the concentration towards the future programs. And it’s better to forget the failures and prepare for the next race. On the whole, concentration is the most required thing to achieve any goal. But the major task is How to improve concentration on studies.

After a lot of researches, experts find out some significant ways to improve the concentration on studies. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Chiefly, find out the perfect place to study. It’s better to prefer a private room (if available), otherwise some space in store room is not bad.
  • Try to eradicate interruptions as much as you can.
  • Nothing can better to avoid the main distracting elements such as mobile phones, CD/DVD players and especially computers/ laptops.
  • Clear out any unwanted and unnecessary material and arrange every useful thing (notes, pens, pencils, text books, notebooks etc) in organized matter. No doubt it’ll increase your concentration on studies.
  • Complete all pending notes and collect other course related materials.
  • Start with simple and interesting topics, and after that move towards the tough ones. It helps to maintain the concentration.
  • Don’t take maximum breaks between studying; it can demolish the interest and concentration on study.
  • Use effectual techniques for memorization or create your own techniques to memorize important topics.
  • SQ3R is the well known method to memorize important topics.


Survey the complete notes and mark the important topics.


Prepare maximum possible questions from the marked topics.


Read the topics carefully to find out the answers of the prepared questions.


Recite the answers orally to memorize them perfectly.


Review the topics, questions and answers to get better result.

  • Try to complete the full syllabus at least two weeks before the exam to get rid of exam anxiety.
  • Generate passion and love for studies inside yourself because passion is always able to provide good results.   

Above points finely determine How to improve concentration on studies. Undoubtedly, it works if anyone follows the above points honestly. And definitely, it’ll give astounding result.

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