How to Pay for Study Abroad

There would probably be a lot more young people who seek the experience of studying abroad in a foreign country if more people realized that there is actually a great deal of financial assistance available for study abroad. Many students who dream of foreign travel would study abroad if they were not concerned about how to pay for it. There are many different kinds of grants and scholarships that will help defer the cost of tuition, books, travel and living expenses.

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Some of the types of scholarships include:

Destination Scholarships

Some countries offer scholarships to students who want to study in that country as an incentive to entice international scholars.

Minority and Other Student Specific Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded in order to promote diversity among international students and are awarded based on race, gender, religion and medical history.

Subject-based Scholarships

Awards are given in your particular field of study that require enrollment in a particular course or research in a specific subject while you study abroad.

Merit Scholarships

Just as with merit scholarships in your home country, merit scholarships are awarded for achievement in academics, athletics, and artistic abilities.

You can also check on your financial aid package at your home college; many financial aid programs will cover tuition for study abroad during the course of obtaining your degree. There are scholarships specifically for students who have already participated in a study abroad program and wish to return. There are scholarships for undergraduates and for graduates. There are also internship programs in certain fields that assist with study and living expenses during your time abroad.

Here are links to some of the various resources that are available to assist in paying for your study abroad:

AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships and Grants

$600,000 per year is distributed for study abroad for summer or semester programs in various countries with Affiliate Grants through your home school and through International Diversity Programs.

All Day Chinese

Scholarships are awarded to students who wish to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China.

American Association of University Women

This fund is set up to assist women who wish to become teachers and community activists or who want to enter careers where women are underrepresented.

Amizade Global Service-Learning Scholarships

Awards are based on financial need for students who will commit to volunteer work in their host country.

British Council Funding

Awards are given to students who apply to study in the United Kingdom based on merit.

CFHI Scholarships

Child Family Health International awards study abroad scholarships to students with financial need who have demonstrated a commitment to community volunteer work. Students will work as volunteers in health clinics in Latin American countries.

Gain Scholarships

Global Access Initiative Scholarships allow economically challenged students the opportunity to experience the global community and participate in study abroad.

Founders Scholarships

Youth For Understanding awards the Founders Scholarship tuition award to students applying to study abroad in more than thirty different countries.

Grassroots Development Fellowship

PhD candidates are given funding to research their field of study with financing that assists with travel and living expenses and provides a research allowance.

Japan-American Friendship Scholarships

Youth For Understanding awards tuition funding to study in Japan for one summer after at least one year of Japanese language studies.

Mazda Nationwide Scholarship

This is another summer study program offered for students who want to learn in Japan.

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Grants

Honor society members who want to further their experience by study abroad can apply to one of fifty $1000 grants that are awarded every year.

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