Studying Abroad In Germany

Studying Abroad In Germany: Studying abroad is an exciting experience. The first work to do is to search a perfect destination for studying abroad. Only colleges and universities are not important for studying abroad, there are many other reasons which are as important as colleges and universities. Germany is one of the favorable choice to study abroad as it’s the most wonderful and important country of Europe. Travelers visit Germany for different reasons, some want to work in Germany, some come to Germany to enjoy a unique tradition, arts and culture. There are unlimited reasons to choose Germany for studying abroad. Here are the most important features other than colleges and universities about Germany that make it a more preferable choice to study abroad.

1. Good Geographical Position:

Germany has good geographical position and it’s the most popular country in Europe Union. It has more than 81.8 million population and 16 states. Berlin is the capital of Germany and the largest city as well. Mostly the travelers visit Germany are from Poland,  Switzerland,  Czech Republic, Luxembourg , The Netherlands,  is the most populous country in the European Union, France and Belgium.

2. Cities and National Parks:

Germany is full of metropolitan cities, but it has a plenty of destinations of natural beauty such as the terrain ranges, starts from the Baltic Coast and ends at the stunning Alps, with the Rhine River which is one of the longest rivers of Europe, passing through the country. Preservation of environment is the most important thing for Germany so Recycling is considered very seriously and hence most of the people make use of public transportation to reduce the release of carbon-di-oxide. As the Result, there are 101 nature reserves, 15 biosphere reserves and 14 national parks in Germany.

3. Progressing Rapidly:

Germany is progressing rapidly among the other progressive countries. In addition to environmental preservation, Germany is progressing in many other fields such as:

  • Consider human rights and equalities as equal to preserving the environment,
  • Homosexual rights and same sex marriage are some significant progresses of Germany.
  • Provide gender equality and special rights for disabled.
  • Most of the people accept the differences and have welcoming nature.

4. Tourism and Hospitality:

Tourism is one necessary need to maintain the economy of Germany. And hence Germany welcomes American tourists. Anyone, who is visiting Germany for any cause will not face any problem for the Language as most of the youngsters of Germany use English language for communicating purposes. And hence anyone understands the need of an English speaking person. But the visitor/student should learn a little bit German before visiting Germany because it’s more helpful for communication.

5. Marvelous food:

Germany provides different variety of food options varies with change by region. Generally, traditional German food consists of different varieties of wurst, potatoes, and other food stuffs. The beer gardens of Germany are world famous, where anyone can get the best beer of the world. There are several pastry shops and bakeries too.

There is a difference in food between Germany and other countries of the world. Normally people eat bread, cereals, milk at breakfast time but Germans use to eat cheese and cold meat at breakfast time. Mostly Germans buy fresh grocery every day.

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