Why High School Study Abroad Rocks!

High School Study Abroad Rocks

Exciting Foreign-Trip Education

Likewise outside world,even modern American schools are also on a “down-sizing” spree.There are very few choices in courses and the number of extra and co-curricular activities like sports etc. has decreased considerably. Moreover,  the number of both students and teachers has also fallen. Despite all this, great care has been kept in mind, so that students are exposed to knowledge which they can receive from the outside world.

Efforts Made

The first such experience was in Costa Rica and Honduras for a short learning trip. This year  Middle East is on the cards which sounds extravagant yet exciting. But the good thing is that the school is also caring enough for this kind of educational project. With this,some new teachers and patron have also volunteered in this.


The first time I had such experience, I was too immature and young but after my return my world view did have a great change. The effect was so vital that it made me inquisitive enough to know why things are done if they are done. Till this day, some effects are present from my foreign study-trips. Very recently,I went to London for a midwinter break. There on hearing a crowd singing, “When the Saints Go”, I was surprised to know that this is an Old English song and not an American song as I believed.

Why these Trips Rocks

It is very important for the students to go through the situations and grab knowledge through these worldwide journeys. Its not always good to learn from what they only hear but also being there in the middle of the culture, situations and places. This makes a student react to a problem in different ways and with different point of views.It also helps them to look for more than one solution to a given task or a problem.But by and large,the main aim for the students is to gain exposure and come back to the school community to share their respective perspective.

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