Why to choose India for Studying Abroad

While considering higher education overseas, India might not be the first preference to strike on the mind, but education in India has its own value. According to the annual survey conducted by the International Institute of Education, United States, the number of US students in India has suddenly increased by 44%, while the number of Indian students, consider as one of the biggest group of international students in the United State has been  falling by 1% to 104,000. Are Indian freshmen forsaking the West to go to college at home? If they are, they would be doing so for good reason.

Some significant facts about India’s Education:

  • India has second biggest education network of the world with a huge list of 343 Universities and more than 17,000 colleges and academic institutions working under them,
  • Provide a vast range of offering courses such as undergraduates, postgraduate (Masters), doctorate or PhD program, vocational Courses and other courses based on personal skills.
  • Distance learning education is also very favorable in India with more than 66 distance education providing colleges and academic institutions working under 60 Universities and 11 open Universities.

The raising in the quality on teaching, educational courses and others educational features indicates the increasing level of education in India. Many institutions are establishing link up with international Universities. Many students are returning back to India from esteemed institutions of the US and UK considering the status of education in India. Hence, India has turned out to be an industrial hub with multinational organizations such as WIPRO, IBM, TCS and Daimler establish Research and Development centers in major cities.

The GDP of India is increasing speed. Home industries are establishing rapidly and some of those are well established such as Tata Motors became the first automobile company in the world to make a $2000 car and results in increasing the demand for well educated and skilled employees, the standard of education is also increasing rapidly with it. It’s become necessary to get higher education for acquiring ideal position in any multinational organization.

Why to prefer India :

Some significant facts make India more preferable to choose to study abroad. Such as:

  • Indian academic institutions provide low cost study as compared to Europe and America including course fees, accommodation, food and other facilities such as beauty treatments, clothes, alcohol etc.
  • Most of the Indian cities provide a relaxing environment for international students.
  • It has the largest English speaking population in the world.
  • It’s full of amazing tourist destinations and cheap traveling facilities.
  • India provides an opportunity to explore one’s knowledge and to learn different culture.

Eligibility Factors for Foreign students and Non Resident Indians to take admission:

International students have to pass their higher secondary education before coming India to study abroad for their higher education.

It’s not possible to get direct admission in public institutions for courses such as Medical (MBBS, BDS), engineering and other medical courses. Students can get admission in private institutions for these courses.

The academic year starts in July/August in India, so students are advised to apply in advance.

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